Writing Projects

First Dance 
NA Romance
Sometimes the only way to get the silver lining is to be under a storm cloud. Nikki and Mark live and learn the definition of til death do us part in this sweet tale of love and loyalty.

~This novella is complete and on request.~

Action! And Scene.

When a Dom and Sub finds themselves in the perfect arrangement, there's only one thing that can derail them - the hard limit of love.

Learning Curve - Ivy
NA Contemporary

A soon-to-be teacher, James, and The Plan are upended when he meets the unlikely girl of his dreams, Ivy, during her community service. When structure meets chaos, the Learning Curve to love is a roller coaster. Ivy's story. 1/4

Learning Curve - James
NA Contemporary

James' story. 2/4

Life After Death
Adult Contemporary

Sometimes losing it all is the only way to learn how to live. Marine widow, Casey, and Mark, the single father of a four-day old, begin a friendship, not just with each other, but with the lives they thought had passed them by.

Batter Up
NA Contemporary

The first in a series of six, Batter Up is the story of eight friends and the serious business of college baseball in the South. Add in one Southern Belle, an OCD sufferer, a drug user and abuser, a pair of gay lovers and a splash of hard-won romance, and you got all the drama a Southern family with strikes and home-runs in their blood can handle.

~This MS is complete and under revision.~

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