Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014! Woo! (Now, throw your confetti!)

Hey friends. Long time, no blog. But most of the high hopes I had for 2013 kinda fell flat. Here were my resolutions for last year and how I fared on each.

1. Get out of this funk. That has to come first.

Well, I'm working on this one. In October, I had a cataclysm in my life. It made me angry enough with how things were that I burned a huge, searing hole in my depression. And in that moment, I could see the blue sky on the other side. I could see a glimpse of the old me. And I am slowly crawling out. This mostly involves lots of crying. Crying when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when the Zillow commercial comes on TV. Basically, when I'm awake. But I'm getting there.

2. Get my weight down and under control.

Yeah. About this. I did lost fifteen pounds this year, which I kept off. And I still have a ways to go, but with the depression lifting, this one is getting so much easier. So much. Check out my fitness blog on Mondays. My journey will continue there.

3. Revise, rewrite, polish and polish again all the words I have done. Query them.(To many agents) Find an agent. Get published. I will do this. Hell or high water.

 Okay, so I revised some but I wrote a bunch of new words. I got a pen name, put out a book, had a not-so-great experience but learned some valuable lessons, pulled the book and now I'm revising it for re-release under my own name. This is scary and liberating. I'm on an exclusive R&R with a superagent right now too, so I'm hopefully one step from realizing the last part of that one, as well!!

4. Meet more writers. This is only because I love my Twitter mates and it was super fun last year!

I did this! I got an internship, went to RT Convention, RWA Convention and met SO MANY PEOPLE! I also made my yearly journey to Kentucky to Megan's house and spent a week with her and Kelsey. it was one of the greatest weeks of the year, without a doubt.

5. Get my finances under control and in an upswing. I can't make it through another 2012, 2013 has got to be better.

2013 was a challenge on this front, to be as kind as I can be. Okay, 2013 was a bitch. No way around it. Except in the last few months...
And things did take an upswing. And that led to one thing and another and another and IT ALL LEADS UP TO SOMETHING BIG BUT I'M SORRY I CAN'T TELL YOU UNTIL MARCH!!!!! What I can tell you is that 2014 has big things in store and in June, the biggest of all.

This year, I'm following the lead of my dear friend Megan, and instead of making resolutions, I'm picking one word to remember through the year. My word is LIVE.

I have spent the last five years waiting until...
I get to the next place in my career.
I lose the weight.
I get the house.
I get this done.

But no more. I'm going to LIVE now. LIVE each day. In doing this, I hope to not miss things. Why keep waiting for my life to begin? It's happening now. Right now. And if I don't LIVE, I'm going to miss it.

So what's up in 2014?
I started my own editing service, Wise Owl Words, and you should check it and my website out. I built it myself and I'm a bit proud.  (There's also a sale at WOW until Jan 15th.)
I start revisions today. Hardcore revisions. And the blog is going to be in full swing in 2014. You'll be able to follow me all the way through my year of LIVING! I don't know if I'm that exciting, but you can be my fly on the wall and get back to me on that one.

Mondays: Fitness blog (link above)
Tuesdays: Something new - Releases, blog tours, interviews, reviews, cover reveals. Have something coming out in 2014? Let me know. I'll feature it here.*
*My friends get top billing here, because well, my blog!
Wednesdays: Writing Under the Influence. Books, music and movies that inspire me. This has been my most missed series on my hiatus. I'm bringing it back.
Thursday: Thankful Thursday. Megan Whitmer is doing a Thankful day and each Thursday I'll post something to make you smile and be a bit thankful for. :)
Friday: Tall Thoughts. The reason this blog started. Writerly type advice and experiences and the like. Find it here.

I also contribute at All The Write Notes, The Writer Diaries, and Indie Ignites.

Have an amazing 2014! Let the LIVING commence!!!

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