Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing Under the Influence: Derailed

Hey friends. So apparently Blogger thought Writing Under the Influence was a literal thing and has been drunk for most of this month. It hasn't been posting my posts and letting my blogs fly free in the land of the interwebz. Which makes me mostly feel like this:

So this project of mine is now derailed a bit.

And I'm frustrated because it's an awesome project, too. The bits of TV, movies, books, music and the artists behind them all that influence my writing and spark my creativity. So after much thought and debate and all the things you do when you make decisions, I've decided to give a catch-up blog and this project will be back up and running next Monday as it should be. 

In case you missed them, here are the Influence posts so far:


The Vampire Diaires



Sex and the City

Next week will be Buffy and Angel followed by my favorite TV show ever in the history of ever. If you know me, you know what it go ahead and get excited, marshmallows.

See you Wednesday for some fitness!

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