Friday, April 12, 2013

This is me.

Hello there. I've been around awhile, but lately I've met a bunch of new people. And they've been asking questions. I know. What kind of madness is this?

They want to know, what I do, where I'm from, what I write, my real hair color, favorite food, WHO I AM????? *deep breaths* So today I thought I'd do a post about all those things and answer all (not even close to all) of the questions. Actually just ones about my books and stuff. So not really all. Okay, and some others. Here you go. 

About me:
I am in fact the Ambassador of Awesome.
Unless you ask my 10YO daughter, then I am the Queen of Awesomesauce. Since the latter sounds suspect, let's go with the first. My 13YO daughter agrees with the young one.
Just in case you think my ego is getting too big, my 11YO son, the middle child God love him, thinks I'm the best mom ever of all time in the entire universe except when he's mad at me 'for making bad decisions like that he should help with the dishes'. So there's that.

What I do:
I volunteer. I'm a recycling, reusing, repurposing hippie. Girl Scout leader. Baker. Singer. Actress. Dancer. (I'm classically trained. Ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, partnering, ballroom(smooth and latin) and a few other forms that are on a need to know - you don't need to know. And obviously, I'm also classically trained in the Men in Black dance, every Janet Jackson video ever, Thriller and the Napoleon Dynamite dance. But that's a given, right?)

Oh, and I write books.

I write New Adult and Adult. I have everything from steam up your glasses to a mystery thriller to historical but they all have romance because I love kisses and really interesting characters struggling through relationships. I write about places I adore. My books are filled with pop culture references that not every one gets and to date, I have started eleventy billion manuscripts and although I've been told over and over, great voice, great writing, no market, I still have hope.

I also have a pen name. Figure out who it is and win...another Twitter account to follow! *confetti* 

I have two books I'm actively pursuing rep on currently.

SUGAR-COATED DECEIT - A steamy thriller about a cupcake baker. Stella was kidnapped but escaped. Unfortunately, so did her kidnapper. Now she spends everyday trying to deal with issues left over from the ordeal and not trusting people. When she meets two men and agrees to a date with each of them, her stalker reappears. She must decide which one to trust and which one to fear. Or if she should fear someone else all together.

THE KEYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART - A historical romance that takes place in the Florida Keys in 1935. Suz is just about turn eighteen and can't wait to leave the little strips land she's forced to call home. Counting the days until she's old enough to go out on her own, she spends her time helping at the Veterans' camp where her dad supervises the building of the highway, her easy access to the mainland and freedom. But all her best laid plans fall apart when she meets a boy of her dreams and a man named Hemingway. Torn between her heart and her lust for life, Suz faces choices that will affect her entire future. But just as she makes a decision and puts her plans in motion, the biggest hurricane to ever make landfall in the US hits the Keys head on. All the problems that felt so big only a day before now fall short to making sure she survives. Can Suz live through the storm and follow her heart or will it be too late to get what she now knows she wants?

I have an 'new shiny' folder a mile deep and I have three other stories finished but not polished and a few others started. (I write a lot. And quickly. I like new shiny. I mean, who doesn't?) 

Bonus section:
Real hair color:
It was coal black as a baby, then turned strawberry blonde with more red than blonde, then blonde, then dark blonde. When I was about 25 I started getting my grandma's white streak so I'm not sure what color it really is now because I've been deciding the color since then. I'm currently fiery red and I like it because I do crazy stuff and people look at me and say, "Oh, redhead." and move on. I like it.

Favorite food:
Ice cream. I would eat it every meal. Every day. All the time. I don't obviously, but I would if I could. Top of the list is mint chocolate chip from Baskin-Robbins. Oh, so good. It makes me do this.

One more thing you need to know, like Cedric Diggory, I'm a fierce, fierce friend. And sometimes, like Cedric after Voldemort stepped on his face, I sparkle. 

You can find me leading #WriteClub sprints from @frinightwrites along with the rest of the crew.
I'm a blogger of The @Writerdiaries. We right about all stuff writing related.

Find me on Twitter @AngiNicole722.


  1. Ha, you're hilarious! What a brilliant getting-to-know-you post. I should do something like that, except it looks like a lot of work and stuff. =P

  2. That is so awesome that you dance! I was in ballet. Loved it. So you stories sound awesome! Love the one about a cupcake baker and the tittle is perfect. These stories are defiantly what I like to read. Good luck! It is hard out there for writers. I just jumped into the waters and sometimes I feel like I am drowning. You are all awesomeness! And I so follow your pen name. ;)

  3. Oh bestie - I <3 you so!! I could literally hear you in my head while I was reading this... (and thank for the many many Winchesters...)

  4. A great getting to know you post!

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  6. okay, so I love Mint Choc chip from BR too, but their Choc Pnut Butter has to be my fav. Also, I cannot dance, but I like to try. And, I am going to have to figure out your pen name because I ADORE historical fiction. It's my favorite genre.