Thursday, February 14, 2013

Excuses, thank you's and the worst holiday ever.

My mind is all over the place. It's here and there and will not settle down for two seconds it feels like. But I suppose that's the life of a writer. If my mind slows down, it's probably time to hang it up. So I'll cram three things I've been thinking about into this post. I'll just throw my ideas in the air like confetti and catch the ideas as they fall. Then tie it all together and amaze you with my writing prowess. Like this:


First - Excuses.

I have these. You have these. We all need less.

Example: Why didn't you write?
                 But why specifically?
                Well, we were having a big talk on Twitter about Nutella versus regular chocolate which      somehow turned into talk of superheroes, cats and Ian Somerhalder. There were pictures. I HAD to be there.
                (There are no gifs involving cats, Nutella, superheroes, and Ian. My heart breaks.)
Now, admittedly, any time Ian is brought into the conversation it becomes more a reason than an excuse but most of us find something else to do then complain when we feel time crunched or the fact that it's still not done looms in our life. We all have kids, significant others, jobs(and by jobs, I mean the place that pulls a paycheck), best friends, needy friends, more children, eating, sleeping, stuff to do. All of it. We're writers making stories worth reading while trying to live and that takes effort and time.

And it's full to the brim with excuses. This past week I finished a WIP and did more than my share of whining to my CP's about it dragging on. They all said the same thing, "You're doing fine. You are going fast. Stop your bitching. Get to writing." What? They said it with love.

                                                                   You better work!

But it got me to thinking, why do we have so many excuses? Why not just write and get it done?

Because it's not that simple and at the end of a manuscript are scary things that most of don't want or know how to face: Query, Synopsis, Rejection, and the biggest one none of us are ready for: Success.

But I guess I'll have to move on to these....wait, someone just sent me a picture of Jared Padalecki.


2)Thank you's.

I feel like we don't say thank you often enough. I mean I do on Twitter. Fifty times a day it seems. Thanks for the RT. Thanks for the #FF. Thanks for making me laugh, keeping me sane, the picture of Jared Padalecki. But these are little thank you's. I'm talking about the big ones. Thanks you for being the greatest CP ever in the history of humans. Thank you for doing the writer equivalent of holding my hair when my WIP is making sick and my head is on the virtual toilet. Thank you for loving me no matter what.Thank you for reading the same thing for the tenth time and telling me you still love it.

I've been thinking about this and then Dahlia wrote a brilliant post on acknowledgments (find it here) and I got to thinking, why do we only say thank you at the end? Acknowledgments are basically an eulogy for your book. You say thanks for getting me through and here's what the end result is. It's like closing the door on a chapter of your life and while it's lovely, it makes me a bit sad.

So, while you're going through the journey to take time to embrace it, relish it and for the love of Nutella, stop and say thank you!       
                                                                 And this is for Dahlia:

Lastly - worst holiday ever.

I love romance. I love love. I love happily ever after. I love my husband. I love little old couples that have been together since before sliced bread. I hate Valentine's day.

I don't just regular hate it. I mean I really do. A lot. And here's why and also the evil genius of a seemingly random blog post comes together.

Valentine's day is a day designed for and by retailers. Everyone knows this but they buy in anyway. (See the pile of chocolate purchased by me for my children.) But here's what drives me insane. Valentine's Day is an EXCUSE to do something nice for your other person and then feel like you're off the hook for an extended period of time. It's saying THANK YOU for loving me, now stop asking me to take out the trash because ooh, shiny diamond. (See what I did there?)


If you love someone, it's hard work. You have to fight tooth and nail everyday to keep the love and romance alive and most days, not throttle the other, because really how hard is it to get your socks in the hamper????

But V-day lets the other one off the hook. Hey here's a romance day, now I can be a schmo the rest of the time. It drives me crazy. The hubby and I don't do a big special thing on V-day, but he did bring home some fresh herbs for my garden last week. And the week before he brought home a movie I had mentioned in passing that I wanted. And the week before, oh that week I wanted to kill him (Socks in the hamper, people!) But the week before that... see where I'm going with this?


Make everyday V-day with the ones you love, thank people along the way and enjoy your journey, and try for less excuses to not do both of those. Ooh, gotta go. It's Thursday. Someone is talking about Ian and it's important. There might be pictures.
                                                                   (Hey, it's a reason!)



  1. Know what?

    I love you. Like, I adore you... your humor, your tenacious attitude, your fast-drafting.

    I'm so happy you're in my life, angi-pants.


    1. I adore-love you back! And Angi-pants may be the greatest nickname ever!

  2. I love you!! Let it be said FAR before any of my books get published that I thank you and adore you and am so happy to have you in my life <3 Also, these GIFs are amazing. I'm gonna go spend some time alone with that last one.

    1. hahahahaha. You are so fantastic! I'm thankful for you everyday! So thanks! And I know about that last gif. You should have seen the ones I thought were too racy for the blog... hello, Damon!

  3. Great post! (Especially the Ian gifs.) :p I feel the exact same way about Valentine's day. Hubby has been married to me for fifteen years. If that doesn't show love, nothing will.

  4. So much IAN, not enough time. My husband is SO EXCITED to watch me watch him for Valentine's. HEE HEE.

    I was thinking a lot of these same thoughts lately, mainly because a friend of mine passed away suddenly from an infection, leaving two small children behind . . . and I thought, WHAT? And as everyone cried endless tears and said SO MANY nice things about her I again thought, WHAT? It's so unfair to cherish someone AFTER they're gone.

    So I started a thing called SHOUT-OUTS. I do them randomly on Facebook. I pick any one of my friends and just write every nice thing I can think about them. Everything I'd want them to know. Not because I want to embarrass them (although I do) and not because I want thanks. But because I want them to KNOW.

    I want them to feel loved EVERY day. Because they are.

    1. Yes! So much this! Why wait until someone is gone or something is over? Why can't we share the love everyday? I love the Shout-out idea!

      and yes, never enough time for Ian. :)

  5. Loved this post Angi ...I was skeptical of how it was all going to come together but between Ian and Jared I think you nailed it haha :)