Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Break-up

Dear Old Me,

I'm sorry darling, but you have to go. You are a bit lazy and your ability to be my enabler is not helping me. It's definitely you, and not me. I can't go into 2013 and reach my goals with your donut laden hips and pasta filled belly weighing me down. So, here is where we must part ways.

I won't miss you, except on really cold nights when your extra padding kept me warm. It's okay. I have a blanket.

We've been friends for a long time and together-together for a year and you're no good for me. Although you're comfortable and I may want to run back to you sometimes, I won't because I'm better than that and I'm better than you. And the next time you see me, you won't believe the girl I've become. But if it all goes to plan, the only time I'll ever see you in a picture I keep to remind me of what I never want to be again.
                                                                                                           Sincerely, New Me

                                 So there is it - the break-up. Let the normal steps begin.

                                        Obviously step one is the workout plan. Check.

                                             Next - new haircut, doing that in the morning.

                                                                     (So cute, right?)

                                   Third - clean out closet - that's on this afternoon's agenda.

                                                              Fourth - never look back.

As far as last week's goals, I had no donuts or beignets and I worked out five times. I didn't get all my water in but made a vast improvement in getting there. So how did all that hard work and sacrifice get for me when I stepped on the scale - I lost... ZERO pounds! That's right - not one little ounce gone.

For those of you who are thinking and getting ready to comment, but muscle is denser than fat and weighs more. Come see, let me punch you with my fat arm.

But my clothes fit just a little better. And I'm not going to be deterred that easily. Just watch me. I'll get there.

So this week's goals are to workout five times and stay at 1200 calories a day. (I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app to aid in this)

See you back here next Friday with an update on how I'm doing post break-up with my cute new 'do.


  1. Not sure how long you've been on track, but I'm hoping this will make you feel better. In my dieting experience, the first two weeks I've always lost a whopping zero pounds and THEN after two weeks of being good, I started to see results. It is so frustrating to deprive yourself and see no results, but they will come, I promise!! Good luck!! And know you are not alone in your quest for health. :)

  2. Very nice! Weight matters not. Just look at athletes and their ridiculous BMI scores. They don't have an ounce of fat on them, but according to BMI, they are obese! Huh! When I did kung fu regularly, my bmi said I was overweight, but I had muscles on my muscles and wore a size 4. Yeah...not overweight.

    Weight matters not! It's what's on the inside that counts. Meaning, MUSCLES! You go!

  3. You go girl! I've also made a commitment to lose weight this year. So far I've severely cut back the calories and been trying to consume healthy food, but I have yet to add in the workout part. So you're already ahead of me! :)

  4. Woot! Awesome start Angie! You can do it! :D

  5. Best of luck to you!
    For me, it always seems to take a week or so to start shedding lbs., terribly frustrating, but hang in there and it will eventually pay off.

  6. Óla from sunny Portugal (Well most of the time). I love your intro "This is where all my thoughts that have nowhere else to go call home" I saw you tagged on the next big thing over at Robyn's blog and thought I'd waddle across

    I love your diet're my kind of gal. I took my snout of the trough on the 2nd of Jan - although I have to confess the snout got an airing today when we went out for lunch with friends and I feel like a prize hog, I've eaten to much and drunk too much wine!