Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update on the Plan

So you know that brilliant plan i came up with? If not read about it here.

I'll wait.

Ok - now we're all up to speed.

I "won" Nanowrimo. As a matter of fact, I did it in a week and finished the MS a few days later clocking in at a bit over 60K, sent it to my Critique Partners (CP's) and have done the first revision. This did not have the reaction I thought it would from everyone.

My CP's and beta readers were like this:

(That part I hoped for!)

A lot of people were like this about my writing speed:

(That part I expected)

But what I didn't count on was this reaction:

I got a lot of hate for writing a book so quickly. It wasn't like I planned on doing it. I planned on doing 50K in a month and then struggling through the leftover words until finally one of my CP's bugged me enough that I sent it with the disclaimer "it sucks cause it's not really finished" tag on the end. You know, like this:

But the story just happened. It flowed. And soon it was written. I had three killer writing days and boom - it was done. I still don't understand the anger thrown my way. But apparently me finishing my book and finally finding a story that was easy to write will make others unable to write their story because I have ruined their self-esteem somehow during the process. But I guess:

So now I'm on to the revision of that book, SUGAR-COATED DECEIT and my Hemingway historical, THE KEYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART. And everything I've written anytime ever. To see how this is going refer to the cartoon at the computer above.
Also this:

And this:

But mostly this:

The good news is that I have the most amazing CP's ever and an amazing support system on Twitter, my Twitwits and Nanowrifi on FB, and my two biggest cheerleaders - my kids! Plus, I tried to enter a contest today and my soul twin Sarah Blair (@SarahLBlair) smacked my hand and set me back on the road to the plan. Rebekah Crane (@RebekahCrane) had to do this earlier this week too.

I need lots of reminding. And here's why.

I totally buckled and days after finishing Hemingway and my Nano book...I started something new. I know, I know. It's like I have a disease called The Writes.

Two somethings new actually. I couldn't help it! They were there, begging to get out of my head and on to the paper. But I put them away and went back to revision.

So The Plan is mostly intact.. so far. This month is for reading all the things in my inbox.

Unless I get excepted in #PitchWars, and then who knows?? No! The Plan.. right?

Yeah. The Plan.

So here's to hoping I can stick to it and do what needs to be done. Help and cheers and no hate would be greatly appreciated!

Much love, Ang


  1. Who the fuck gave you hate?! Seriously, that's bullshit that they did that! I was amazed at your speed, and LOVED the parts you let me read. Screw the haters. Hmph.

    I agree though - stick with the plan, and revise. At least ONE thing haha. Sugar-coated deceit is WAY too good not to polish it up as shiny as possible. You owe it to your WIP's to make them shiny. They're fabulous, and so are you.

    1. YAY! and thank you! Don't you have the whole thing to read? You can have it if you like. and I love living under your mama bear umbrella. It's comforting and awesome.

  2. I can't believe that someone would be so horrible to you. I can't write that fast and was fully prepared to let you down if the story needed loads of work, but IT DIDN'T. You are talented and have a gift. Am I jealous as hell, yeas. Yes, I am. Do I begrudge you the fact that you are able to do these things, HELL. NO. I aspire to get to your level. If people can't handle your gift they can bugger off and write in their sad cave of angst, IMHO. You're awesome and you need to keep believing in yourself. There will always be naysayers and critics. You've got a great soul sister and CP. Listen to her.

    <3 and glittery goodness,

    1. Thank you, my friend!I'm really thankful for your support and faith in my work. <3

  3. Fast writers strike fear into the hearts of some. The fear that they could never do this, combined with the jealousy of that fact, creates the knee-jerk hater reaction. What people don't realize is that GREAT ideas come at many speeds. Some of us write like barf-fests, too much, all at once, until it's all out. Others dribble it out. I've read fantastic novels in each vein. I tend to write in very rapid, productive bursts, with down-time in between bursts. But sometimes, people hate hearing That I crank out 10k in a sitting. They really get pissed. But I think they misinterpret speed as a qualitative indicator of something infinitely better, more impassioned, or more true. When, in fact, I am an impatient workaholic. How's that for a reason that I'm fast? I admire people who can pace themselves. Writing hard for days wrecks me. So, remember, the grass IS always greener on the other side. What matters is writing the RIGHT words, not how quickly you write them.

    1. Yes. This. Times a million. I don't keep all the words when I have a bunch come out at once, but a lot I can. I wish i could pace myself too sometimes, but when they are ready to come out, they just do. Nice to know I'm not alone.

    2. You're definitely not alone, Angi. I'm the same way. Once I start writing, I know the characters so well that I can easily slip into their skin and write scene after scene before I take a break, because I know exactly who they are and how they will react in any given situation (and I know them well enough to know exactly which situations they'll get themselves into!)

      I'm always a little bit afraid to admit how fast the words come spilling out of my brain, because I fear the same kind of hateful backlash you describe. But after I write it all down, I spend a LOT of time revising... so maybe it all balances out in the end.

  4. What is it that gets quoted about this subject?

    Write, finish what you write, send it out, and keep it out until someone buys it.

    You are right; you're a writer until you publish, then you're an author. You have to get your books revised and out the door. The more you do this, the better (faster) you will get. Revision is hard the first few times through. Fortunately, it gets easier every time, but it never goes away.

    I took a great class in revision and now I can sit down and do my read-through pretty quickly, then make a single pass for revision, then go into edits and publish. I know how much you love to write and how fast you are. Imagine if you were to get all that writing out to your adoring public?

    Let me know if you need a cheerleader for revision. You know I'm here to encourage you along.

    1. Thanks! I can use all the cheerleaders I can get!

  5. Good luck on your revision. Great work.

  6. Uh...your first round revisions are done? Does that mean I get to read Sugar-Coated Deceit yet? Because the Jason in the shower teaser is all I've seen so far.

    I need to make a plan, because I've been working on the same draft of this novel for months (in between editing and revising and polishing two others, but still). I am using you and your writing speed as a positive role model for the next week. Hopefully I can crank out the next 40k (it's already 64k, but all my novels end up being 103k. No explanation, but the four I've completed so far are all within spitting distance of that mark).

    *channels Angi-speed* *types*

  7. Everyone already said what I would say. I love you. WE love you. You're awesome. That is all.

    Oh, and EFF the naysayers. I know authors like Marisa Cleveland and Krystal Wade that can really hammer out the words. Then others of us (myself included) get a few thousand down and then stare at the screen wondering what the hell happens next. Some people struggle even more.

    But the fact is that you are a WRITER as long as you write.

    That fact alone will make some people hate you because they're jealous or just plain full of douchery.

  8. Angi, your word count is motivation for us all. So, hater be damned. The writes - i love that. I wish I could catch a case. You, do you, Angi. We are behind you.

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