Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap Blog - As One Does - '12 edition

So the year is over. 2012, at times, flew by and others crawled. And frankly, it's been a hard year. It's been a real struggle. I sat around depressed for a lot of the year, for personal and professional reasons and a lot of days it was hard to get out of bed. My Twitter family helped me through most of it and even on the days when you said it was fine to not wear pants (everyday...enablers!) it still helped me. So thank you, my writer friends. What would we do without each other???
                                                                      *Tackle hugs*
But even as hard as it was, I had the best moments. I mean really, really great moments. Nothing-can-compare-in-the-world-to-this-moment moments.And as Jimmy Buffett says, "They'll never be any doubt that the pleasure was worth all the pain."

So let's recap my goals and see what I met (not too many I'm afraid, but maybe I'll be surprised)

1. Revise, polish and query LOVE IN REAL LIFE.

Okay - this one I did. I got only two form rejections. I got a few personalized rejections. I got four full requests and one of them is still out there. The only thing is I didn't query that much. I sent out 12. Yeah... 12. Because I'm a chicken. I entered a million contests (okay, four and two Twitter pitch parties) and got good feedback and some requests from that too. So okay - goal achieved. 

2. Write something new. Something that doesn't involve Alex or Josey (from LOVE IN REAL LIFE).

I did this too. Lots of other things actually. I entered JunoWriMo and Camp Nano in June with two separate manuscripts. Yes, I wrote two MS concurrently. One was a sequel to LOVE IN REAL LIFE and the other was a rewrite of a Paranormal Romance I had written back in February. At the end of the month I threw those 80K words in the trash because the rewrite was worse than the original. I started four other books. I wrote a novella. Finally in September, I settled in to write my historical romance, THE KEYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART. It's about a hurricane and Hemingway and I'm kind of in love with it. I wrote the hurricane scene while I was hunkered down in my house waiting out a real hurricane. Then the last week of October, I finally finished it. Just in time for NaNoWriMo.

I had an idea for a tale about a naughty little cupcake baker that turned into a mystery thriller type of story. I met the goal of 50K in 6 days and finished the MS in ten. I revised that and Hemingway and when PitchMas rolled around, I entered them both and got six requests total. So now I have both of those out there in agents' inboxes as well.

I'd say that goal was accomplished. Here's my reward.

                                                                     You're welcome.

3. Drink Bourbon. Neat.

Clearly, my goals for 2012 were exceptionally high. I found a bourbon I like after much taste testing. (Research is hard!) And have settled on Maker's and Coke as my new go-to drink when I'm out. I managed Bourbon, neat one time and had to add coke half way through. I know. Wuss. But I'm not saying this one is totally busted yet. I did it once so it's only a semi-fail.

4. Run a marathon.

This one flat out did not happen. As a matter of fact, I stopped running and hardly worked out and instead ate all the donuts and drank all the wine. This turned out exactly as you would expect. (Bigger pants) So yeah, FAIL.

5. Lose 20 pounds.

Um...yeah. No. I apparently misspelled 'gain' in that resolution. Epic failure. What do you call it when the Bizarro version of your goal happens instead? No, I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

                                                             Planned to be like this:
                                                              Ended up more like this:
                                                                           EPIC FAIL!

6. Get an agent/pubbed/involved in the writing community.

No agent. Not pubbed. But the writing community? That I did get involved in, and it is the greatest thing ever. I found my soulmate through Twitter, Sarah Blair. She is literally my other half. But I also got to meet a bunch of my new writing friends in person, in real life, face to face. It was amazeballs!

I met Megan Whitmer, Leigh Ann Kopans, Bobby Matthews, Sarah Blair, Stefanie Marks, Megan Orsini, Maggie Hall and Sarah Guillory. ( I feel like I'm forgetting someone.) I also found the most wonderful group of CP's anyone could ask for. And then there's Twitter. All the hearts! So at the time I made the resolution I didn't know what the hell I was doing on this crazy road to publication. So I consider this one a win and will set my 2013 goal accordingly.

                                                                   That is so much win!

Well, I wasn't as hopeless as I first thought. I met a lot of my goals this year. Huh. who knew?? 

And this year for 2013, I said I wasn't making resolutions. I'm doing monthly/weekly goals so they will feel more attainable. I will be posting updates on both blogs so get on board with a follow and some love!

But...because I'm OCD, here's a list of five things I know I want to accomplish.

1. Get out of this funk. That has to come first.

2. Get my weight down and under control.

3. Revise, rewrite, polish and polish again all the words I have done. Query them.(To many agents) Find an agent. Get published. I will do this. Hell or high water. It's The Plan.

4. Meet more writers. This is only because I love my Twitter mates and it was super fun last year!

5. Get my finances under control and in an upswing. I can't make it through another 2012, 2013 has got to be better.

It will be as awesome as this:

Wow. 2013 will be awesome! Look for the week to week stuff on the blogs. Here: Writing Blog    and Here: Fitness Blog 

Have a wonderful new year my friends! Cheers!!!


  1. I can't stop watching that last GIF. That is freaking awesome.

    AND 2013 WILL ROCK!!!!

  2. And I can't stop watching the Sam gif LOL

    Great year, dear! Here's to an awesome 2013!

  3. That cheer stunt. That's what I want to accomplish this year. haha. Happy New Year Angi and here's to a great year to us all.