Friday, December 28, 2012

Lucky 13

It's 2013...or will be in a couple days. And I know what everyone is doing right now - Making resolutions.

But I'm not.

I have The Plan. and I'm going to try to stick by it. What? I am! No really... I am.

But I don't do resolutions. They never work, I can't stick to them and I usually end up at the bottom of a tub of ice cream feeling like a failure. Does this sound familiar? Raise your hand.

So here's what I'm going to do. First off, it's the year'13 and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage this summer, so I from here on out I dub thee "Lucky 13" and I see no reason it won't be. Secondly, instead of a massive "This is what I'll do this year" I plan to make either weekly or monthly goals, depending on how big the project, here and on my weight loss blog. (Yes, I have a weight loss blog. Yes, it's been neglected. Maybe if it didn't hide at the bottom of a donut box so often, but that's another thing.) I'll blog about these goals (and writing and wine and whatever else I feel like, 'cause you're not the boss of me... I mean, because... reasons)and then you make me do it.

                                                             You know the "do it" look.
                                                          I mean it. Make me stick by it.

Here's all you have to do.

If you're reading, follow this blog. It's a bit funny with lots of pretty pictures. Share it with your friends. and then they will share and so on. And soon World domination!!!!  (This can be Goal #1)

Second, add your goals in the comments anytime you feel like it and all the followers (The human race I will then be leading) will keep you on track too.

It's a brilliant, no fail plan. Right? Right.

So how about goal number one? Oh wait.. That's done. Goal #2... In January I'm revising my Stella book. It needs love and I'm more than willing to give it. Jason needs love, people! (Here's the inspiration for the character)
                                                      See? Don't you want to love him too?

Also, I plan to write at least 10K in new words either on that or something else. (Yes, there's a new idea, but no it won't take over... not yet anyway)

So there you have it. Together, with your help, I can rule the world!!!!  Wait, I mean get my book even shinier. To me, it's kind of the same thing.


  1. Okay bestie - I'm in :) (also - hooray for Jensen, Justin, Kurt, Buffy, etc...)

  2. You can totally do this. Your style has been my style, and for me, it's worked, so it will for you, too. This year, however, I have chosen to be the cliche and lose weight (bought these lil Fit Books for my husband and me) so I can look fabulous in time for BEA. I wanna write a new book, too. It's in its infancy. :) Thanks for sharing! And Jensen always lures me in.

  3. Enjoyed your post!! Happy New Year, Angi! :)

  4. If Jensen says "awesome" I'm in ;)

    My goal for January: Finish my fast draft version of my MS.

  5. January goal: CotG revised and polished and ready for submissions. i.e. my agent is pleased with me.

  6. Where did you get the pic of that baby? That pic is so funny. I don't do resolutions, either, and honestly, my dear, you've already met some monumental goals. You have a manuscript to edit and to work on (HUGE accomplishment in its own right!) AND you've been married 13 years. Epic!

    I think you can totally meet your 2013 goals, and I am more than happy to be your cheerleader!

    -T. L. Costa

  7. Making mini goals instead of whole year goals is such a good plan. Good luck with your first goal :)

  8. Go, Angi! My goals for the first part of the year are to finish my current ms by the end of March (yikes!) and to start querying another novel by the end of January (double yikes!)

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