Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap Blog - As One Does - '12 edition

So the year is over. 2012, at times, flew by and others crawled. And frankly, it's been a hard year. It's been a real struggle. I sat around depressed for a lot of the year, for personal and professional reasons and a lot of days it was hard to get out of bed. My Twitter family helped me through most of it and even on the days when you said it was fine to not wear pants (everyday...enablers!) it still helped me. So thank you, my writer friends. What would we do without each other???
                                                                      *Tackle hugs*
But even as hard as it was, I had the best moments. I mean really, really great moments. Nothing-can-compare-in-the-world-to-this-moment moments.And as Jimmy Buffett says, "They'll never be any doubt that the pleasure was worth all the pain."

So let's recap my goals and see what I met (not too many I'm afraid, but maybe I'll be surprised)

1. Revise, polish and query LOVE IN REAL LIFE.

Okay - this one I did. I got only two form rejections. I got a few personalized rejections. I got four full requests and one of them is still out there. The only thing is I didn't query that much. I sent out 12. Yeah... 12. Because I'm a chicken. I entered a million contests (okay, four and two Twitter pitch parties) and got good feedback and some requests from that too. So okay - goal achieved. 

2. Write something new. Something that doesn't involve Alex or Josey (from LOVE IN REAL LIFE).

I did this too. Lots of other things actually. I entered JunoWriMo and Camp Nano in June with two separate manuscripts. Yes, I wrote two MS concurrently. One was a sequel to LOVE IN REAL LIFE and the other was a rewrite of a Paranormal Romance I had written back in February. At the end of the month I threw those 80K words in the trash because the rewrite was worse than the original. I started four other books. I wrote a novella. Finally in September, I settled in to write my historical romance, THE KEYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART. It's about a hurricane and Hemingway and I'm kind of in love with it. I wrote the hurricane scene while I was hunkered down in my house waiting out a real hurricane. Then the last week of October, I finally finished it. Just in time for NaNoWriMo.

I had an idea for a tale about a naughty little cupcake baker that turned into a mystery thriller type of story. I met the goal of 50K in 6 days and finished the MS in ten. I revised that and Hemingway and when PitchMas rolled around, I entered them both and got six requests total. So now I have both of those out there in agents' inboxes as well.

I'd say that goal was accomplished. Here's my reward.

                                                                     You're welcome.

3. Drink Bourbon. Neat.

Clearly, my goals for 2012 were exceptionally high. I found a bourbon I like after much taste testing. (Research is hard!) And have settled on Maker's and Coke as my new go-to drink when I'm out. I managed Bourbon, neat one time and had to add coke half way through. I know. Wuss. But I'm not saying this one is totally busted yet. I did it once so it's only a semi-fail.

4. Run a marathon.

This one flat out did not happen. As a matter of fact, I stopped running and hardly worked out and instead ate all the donuts and drank all the wine. This turned out exactly as you would expect. (Bigger pants) So yeah, FAIL.

5. Lose 20 pounds.

Um...yeah. No. I apparently misspelled 'gain' in that resolution. Epic failure. What do you call it when the Bizarro version of your goal happens instead? No, I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

                                                             Planned to be like this:
                                                              Ended up more like this:
                                                                           EPIC FAIL!

6. Get an agent/pubbed/involved in the writing community.

No agent. Not pubbed. But the writing community? That I did get involved in, and it is the greatest thing ever. I found my soulmate through Twitter, Sarah Blair. She is literally my other half. But I also got to meet a bunch of my new writing friends in person, in real life, face to face. It was amazeballs!

I met Megan Whitmer, Leigh Ann Kopans, Bobby Matthews, Sarah Blair, Stefanie Marks, Megan Orsini, Maggie Hall and Sarah Guillory. ( I feel like I'm forgetting someone.) I also found the most wonderful group of CP's anyone could ask for. And then there's Twitter. All the hearts! So at the time I made the resolution I didn't know what the hell I was doing on this crazy road to publication. So I consider this one a win and will set my 2013 goal accordingly.

                                                                   That is so much win!

Well, I wasn't as hopeless as I first thought. I met a lot of my goals this year. Huh. who knew?? 

And this year for 2013, I said I wasn't making resolutions. I'm doing monthly/weekly goals so they will feel more attainable. I will be posting updates on both blogs so get on board with a follow and some love!

But...because I'm OCD, here's a list of five things I know I want to accomplish.

1. Get out of this funk. That has to come first.

2. Get my weight down and under control.

3. Revise, rewrite, polish and polish again all the words I have done. Query them.(To many agents) Find an agent. Get published. I will do this. Hell or high water. It's The Plan.

4. Meet more writers. This is only because I love my Twitter mates and it was super fun last year!

5. Get my finances under control and in an upswing. I can't make it through another 2012, 2013 has got to be better.

It will be as awesome as this:

Wow. 2013 will be awesome! Look for the week to week stuff on the blogs. Here: Writing Blog    and Here: Fitness Blog 

Have a wonderful new year my friends! Cheers!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lucky 13

It's 2013...or will be in a couple days. And I know what everyone is doing right now - Making resolutions.

But I'm not.

I have The Plan. and I'm going to try to stick by it. What? I am! No really... I am.

But I don't do resolutions. They never work, I can't stick to them and I usually end up at the bottom of a tub of ice cream feeling like a failure. Does this sound familiar? Raise your hand.

So here's what I'm going to do. First off, it's the year'13 and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage this summer, so I from here on out I dub thee "Lucky 13" and I see no reason it won't be. Secondly, instead of a massive "This is what I'll do this year" I plan to make either weekly or monthly goals, depending on how big the project, here and on my weight loss blog. (Yes, I have a weight loss blog. Yes, it's been neglected. Maybe if it didn't hide at the bottom of a donut box so often, but that's another thing.) I'll blog about these goals (and writing and wine and whatever else I feel like, 'cause you're not the boss of me... I mean, because... reasons)and then you make me do it.

                                                             You know the "do it" look.
                                                          I mean it. Make me stick by it.

Here's all you have to do.

If you're reading, follow this blog. It's a bit funny with lots of pretty pictures. Share it with your friends. and then they will share and so on. And soon World domination!!!!  (This can be Goal #1)

Second, add your goals in the comments anytime you feel like it and all the followers (The human race I will then be leading) will keep you on track too.

It's a brilliant, no fail plan. Right? Right.

So how about goal number one? Oh wait.. That's done. Goal #2... In January I'm revising my Stella book. It needs love and I'm more than willing to give it. Jason needs love, people! (Here's the inspiration for the character)
                                                      See? Don't you want to love him too?

Also, I plan to write at least 10K in new words either on that or something else. (Yes, there's a new idea, but no it won't take over... not yet anyway)

So there you have it. Together, with your help, I can rule the world!!!!  Wait, I mean get my book even shinier. To me, it's kind of the same thing.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kiss it off.

Hey again! Yesterday I posted my guest blog about kisses. Today, we have the other side of the coin. The kiss off. Although I love a good kiss, I have a soft spot for a good kiss off. Which ironically doesn't usually have a kiss. So here's the guest post I did about a time honored tradition, the kiss off.

There’s a rule in life: Don’t piss off an artist. They will put you in their work and kill you off in the most delicious of ways. This holds true for all artists. Van Gogh sent his ear as a kiss off! Seriously, we’re a little unstable.

This holds true for writers: You think Steven King just brutalizes his characters for fun? He's getting even with someone.

Choreographers: You’ll stand in the back or be a base even though you only weigh 100 pounds. Also the sweetest revenge: costumes.

Directors: They are the masters of your destiny out there. Piss them off, you’ll hear about it when you accept your Razzie.

Screenwriters: Please! Did anyone see what happened to Dr. Drake Remoray?? Dropped down an elevator shaft! 

Songwriters: Taylor Swift anyone?

Of course, being able to immortalize your wildest fantasies of telling the jerk to shove it with the added benefit of said jerk never knowing for sure if you meant them or not leads to the greatest kiss offs of all time.

Every kiss has a muse and the kiss off is no different. So let’s take a minute and look at some of the best.

1) I’m an avid watcher of The Vampire Diaries. (Team Damon, in case you were wondering, which you weren't if you follow my blog) Some of the best kiss offs are on this show. Seriously, Julie Plec has some serious teenage angst lurking in there. So it was hard to pick my favorite, but here it is.

Katherine has just come back after 145 years to mess with the Salvatore boys one more time. It’s a wonder she stayed away so long. In the tradition of upholding the most unbelievable element on a show full of witches, werewolves and vampires, she picks Stefan over Damon. 

Really? Stefan over Damon? 

But not before she toys with them both.

So after much to do, Stefan has picked Elena and Damon is alone in his bed. Kat saunters over to him in a sexy little night shirt. She leans in and whispers some seductive words and you think heart broken little Damon is about to give in. His hand goes up to run a finger over her high cheekbone. Her eyelids lower, mouths drawn close. He grasps her face in both hands and as their lips graze one another he says, “Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house. Go find one.” Then unceremoniously pushes her aside and goes back to his book. It’s brilliant.

2) The next kiss off comes in book form. I spent a lot of time thinking about my favorite literary kiss off. It’s so hard to choose! I love in Twilight… hahaha Just kidding. (Boom! Kiss off!)

Seriously, one of my favorite kiss offs comes from the pages of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s on page all of them. Every word of this book is a kiss off. To the man, to Tyler, to Marla and eventually even to the reader when you realized you’ve been duped and you’re happy about it! It’s a genius work of anger mismanagement. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Follow it with a viewing of the movie made from it, which is also genius, with a dash of Brad Pitt’s body its most amazing form. 

3) Best kiss off in a song? I have a tie for this one. The first one has to go to the queen of female angst = Alanis Morrisette. Has there ever been a better kiss off song than “You Outta Know”…ever? One could argue that Pink has rivaled her a couple times, but this one reigns supreme. The first line even, “I…want…you…to know.” Each syllable enunciated for effect. The weight of every word coddled in her mouth before spat out in rhythm. And of course, each woman scorned’s favorite line, “Are you thinking of me when you f**k her?” Yeah. Kiss off complete!

3(tie)) Taylor Swift has to have a place on this list. Even her love songs have a bit of a kiss off feel because we all know who they are about and she’s telling the world, “You were sweet, but now you’re a jackass.” I almost couldn’t pick my favorite kiss off by her. I love “Picture to Burn.” The chorus says it all. “I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another picture to burn.” Preach!

The two runner ups were “Better Than Revenge,” a girl to girl kiss off and “Dear John.” This song is beautiful and for anyone who has ever dated a musician or artist, you probably feel these words were written in the blood from your mangled heart. The best part about this particular kiss off is that it seems innocuous, a Dear John letter, but in truth it’s about John Mayer AND he plays guitar and sings back up on the record. Well done, Taylor. Well done.

5) The mother of all kiss offs. It doesn’t even need set up so I’ll be brief. A woman longs for an unattainable man. Surviving a war, famine, death of a child and a little of everything in between, she only at the end realizes she can’t have her precious Ashley. And that Captain Butler, whom she suspects from the beginning knows what she looks like without her dress on, is really the love of her life. His response to her too little, too late declaration of love?

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

As far as kiss offs go, this one truly slaps us across the face and storms off, not even bothering to slam the door behind them.

(As an added treat for you, I left my bio below, so you get the full effect of my nerdery.)

Angi Black is a dance and performing arts instructor at Centerstage Performing Arts in Baton Rouge, LA. She loves music, life, wine and has an unhealthy crush on the written word. She has 3 adorable children who are growing up far too quickly. Angi is prone to road trips across the country to see her writing pals at a moment’s notice. Being the Ambassador of Awesome is hard work, but between that and dance she finds time to write an absurd amount of words each day and is currently in the query trenches. Her only publication to date is the “Write Your Own Book Contest” seminal classic, “What’s in the Trunk?” from fourth grade. Sadly, it’s out of print.

Find her tweeting far too often @AngiNicole722
Blogging about all things writing here: 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kissing Booth

Earlier this year I was asked to guest blog for a kissing contest. I mean... a writing contest about kissing. The Kiss vs. The Kiss off. So since we survived 12-21-12, I thought I would take today and tomorrow to post, uh...posts here. (I work for the department of redundancy department.)

First up - the kiss.. the great ones and the not so great.

Kisses. What can you say? They are the ever important step toward the relationship. In books, and often TV and movieland, that first kiss is the deal sealer, the moment they know, the last thing you see before happily ever after.

I love watching a kiss on TV or film. There are so many things going on. The eyes shutter themselves to half lids. The heads tilt. The hands grip tightly on shoulders. The lighting changes. The music swells. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

 A thousand words? That is why I love writing and reading about those kisses. Every nuance is there for you. You can describe every single detail, every small movement, every near miss, every feeling they feel, all right there in your thousand (or more!) words.

I devote a lot of my books to kisses and the things that follow. Normally they are the perfect kisses followed by burning desire and only thoughts of getting right back to that perfect pair of lips. I love that.

Nothing compares to a great kissing session. Especially those first ones. You kiss for hours and after you get home and you’re in your room listening to the 100 songs that are “your songs” you run a finger over your still swollen lips. They tingle as if he is there, kissing you, only you. You fall asleep and wake up thinking of nothing but those lips and how you can’t wait to not watch TV with him again tonight.

But lately I’ve been thinking. A dangerous pastime. I know. (Yes. I just quoted Beauty and the Beast. Don’t judge me!) 

What I don’t see enough of are those bad kisses that come in real life. You know the ones I mean. No? Here’s five examples to remind you of the boys you left behind.

1. Brace Face:
To kiss with braces. Ah, junior high, maybe freshman year. The first boy I ever really kissed had braces. He pretty much tasted like a quarter. I got my braces shortly after that and was terrified by the urban legend of two kids kissing and becoming interlocked. I could not imagine being face to face with him for that long. So we broke up.
In hind’s sight, maybe he was just a bad kisser and needed to brush his teeth more. Lesson learned. 

2. The slobberer:
You know the one I mean. After you kiss you feel like you just got mauled by your English Bulldog? Yeah. And if you kiss Slobberman too much you could end of with dreaded Kool-Aid mouth because your lips, chin and part of your cheeks are chapped from his generous love. *Note – Slobbermen are usually mouthbreathers. This may account for the chapping.
I also dated this guy. Once. Once was clearly too much as I’m still scarred from it and think of him every time I see a thirsty dog on a hot summer day with his gums full of sloppy dribble. 

3. Tight lips vs. The Lapper:
You are on a date. The guy makes you laugh. It’s the end of the night. He takes you home. Your heads lean in together, as if magnets pulled from an unknown source. Your pulse pounds and your lips touch. You hit something hard and open your eyes to see if you veered off course somehow. His lips are drawn so tight you feel like you’re kissing plastic. He has a look of pain on his face because they are pulled into such a fine line. You try to readjust your face to this angle or that, but no luck, you’re not getting in.

As a girl, you automatically assume it’s you, not that the guy is just inexperienced or a K-hole. Is my breath bad? Does he not like me? Am I doing it wrong?

NO. You are not. It’s him, not you.

An aside on this – it’s worse if after the thin lipped smooch his tongue darts out just a bit. I won’t kiss a frog to find a prince, I’m not kissing you lizard boy!

The opposite is the guy who wants to wrap his tongue around your head when he kisses you. He likes you a lot, obviously. And he wants to prove it by roughly shoving his tongue into your mouth so hard it bruises your own. I firmly believe this guy used to be Slobberman. Some girl probably finally told him, Dude, I don’t need a spit bath, so he overcompensated by shoving his entire face in your mouth to avoid drooling on you.

4. The Pecker:
(Sorry. Wait for a minute while I giggle at the word pecker because I am 12.)
This one doesn’t drool. He isn’t rough with his tongue. No kisses that feel like they came from a Ken doll. No, this one is much worse.

Cue mood lighting and the swell of your favorite love song in your head. The stars are twinkling. He smells of caramel, which is great because that’s the exact color of his eyes. You lean close and so does he. Then peck.

He kisses your lips quickly. Huh, you think, it was only the first…

Another one. Now you’re thinking what the…

Again. Peck, peck, peck. Like fifty small kisses instead of one good smackeroo. He moves from your mouth to your jawline, your neck, and you should be enjoying it, but you can’t because he lifts his head away after each one and comes back in. He’s like a bird getting food from a feeder, except the feeder is your face! You tense, sure at any moment the beak will emerge and a cawing sound will issue from it. AhHHHH! You’re under attack!

No intimacy can be achieved by this. Who even thinks this is a good idea? No. Just no.

5. The back breaker:
This one is the trickiest of all bad kissers because this guy knows how to kiss. He is beautiful and usually taller then you. He wants you and it all seems fine.


He’s kissing you and kissing you and they get a bit more forceful. He leans into you. Over you. He holds you tight so there’s no where to go. Your back bends over his arms he has circled about your waste. You become insta-gymnast in the final pose of presenting to the judges. You bend further. And further.

Are his feet even still on the floor? Is he at a right angle yet? All he needs to do is move those glorious Ryan Lochte arms up to your hair, let you straighten for a minute, and it would be fine, but his arms have molded into some kind of reverse iron seatbelt holding you securely to his pelvis. Maybe he’s afraid you’ll get away. Maybe we should just lay down on the couch. Maybe…oh God let me up! I have a cramp!

Bonus section:
The worst kiss of all is the one you forget. You can remember the bad ones, dream about the good ones and write about the perfect moments, but the ones you can’t remember? That’s its own special tragedy.

The moral of the story is this:
 “A have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.” That may be the princess motto, but it holds true. If his kiss doesn’t buckle your knees and make your head spin (Even if he does look like Ian Somerhalder) keep kissing.  *Note – If he looks like Ian Somerhalder, you should probably kiss him a few times, just to see if you can work out the kinks.

Bottom line - You’ll know a good kiss when it’s worth writing home about. 

Tomorrow: The Greatest Kiss offs! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

CP's : A Variety Pack - Collect the Whole Set

Lots of talk has been going around today (and recently) about CP's (which are critique partners) and what everyone values in them. Why do you have yours? Or if you don't have any, what should you look for?

                                            What? You don't have any but aren't looking?
                                                               You don't want any?

                                                 You're doing it wrong. Get some. Now.

When I first decided to jump in the publishing pool, I had no clue what to do. I wrote my book and sent awful queries and an equally awful manuscript to a few people. The response went something like this.

Then Bria hosted a little writing party. We would write every day and check in with the teams she placed us on. This is how I met the fab Megan Whitmer.

I met a ton of people through her and figured out Twitter and being a real writer. She had CP's and get this, you read each other's work, help each other out and then you can talk about how to make it better!!! Mind blown.

                                              You mean I don't have to do this all alone???

So I sat myself on the path to find CP's and get my work in shape for people to read and take seriously. So what makes a good CP? Lots of things. I have many of them and each one is unique and different.


Here's a basic list of the people who make me look awesome and allow people to read my words without falling over in laughter and saying this about my writing:

1. The Hardass.

I really need this one. And this one makes me cry sometimes, but I would never tell them that! But they call me on continuity issues, when I ramble, when I use the same word over and over and over. The give me notes like Grrrrr, and Stop using that word! and Pick. Something. Else. And even though at the time I thought that was the perfect, I inevitably find a better one. They tell me when something is crap. When it needs to be reworded. When it needs to go away. Big lines through your text are the hardest edit to take, but usually, the most helpful. And then the hardass's favorite word: REWRITE.

Even though this is the result sometimes, it's for the best and I know the Hardass loves me no matter what. and if she didn't, she wouldn't care to tell me what I need to hear. So Thanks, Hardass! Love!

2. The Lover

This is the one you need as much as the Hardass. This is the CP that loves everything you do because you do it. They love your words, your speed, your slow, your ideas, your wandering plot, your typos are even cute to them. That do a lot of this all over your manuscript.

                                                                And everyone needs that.

But that's not the reason they are essential. Even in their constant love and support, you can find the parts they really connect with. And some days, you really need to read those words of love and belief to get you through.

3. The Grammar Nazi

I need this one so badly I have two. I'm very good at English and grammar but I'm a horrible typist and I write really fast so sometimes, those sentences... not so much sense to them. Also - not a huge fan of remembering the commas and I have learned I have an aversion to contractions. What? I like to emphasize things. Example:

I'm going to go.

I AM going to go.

Not the same sentence. But apparently, your CP's balk if you do that in EVERY sentence. (And rightly so.) See? This is why you need them.

4. The Shared Brain

This one is like you. They get you and your writing. They write your genre and when you don't finish a thought, they know you well enough they can help you flesh it out. They know you and your characters and they are an extension of you. They know where you want to go and they drive the train to get you there. They row the boat. They are the milk to your cereal. The peanut butter to your jelly. Pick your metaphor. In short - they complete you.

             This Gif has nothing to do with this post except that Damon kinda completes me too.

5. The One Outside the Box

This one doesn't read everything I write, but when I'm extra curious this CP is the one I turn to. She doesn't write my genre. She doesn't even normally read the genre I write. Her opinion gives me such insight into my work. She can only look at the writing, the story telling, does it hook her, is she put off. Someone who is not versed in the genre you write can probably give you one of the most honest views of your manuscript. Three or more "I don't read your genre, so is this normal?" and you know you have to fix your pacing, plot and structure.

Story is story. Hook is hook. Obviously, the subject matter may not fit for them, but they can give you quite a good look from the outside that your other CP's may not see.

6. The Overaller

The one magical CP who can do it all. They find your typos, your grammar errors, your plots holes, your shortcomings, your achievements all while cheerleading you and writing their own masterpiece (or two) plus being your sounding board and holding your hand...*takes breath* and telling you that you're awesome and they love you.

They are amazeballs and I suspect rare, although I'm lucky enough to have two. So HANDS OFF! I mean, I really hope you find one of your own.

Obviously, you don't need all these, although I would recommend it. And sometimes your Grammar Nazi might be combined with the Lover or some other kind of combo pack. But if you have two or twelve, get some! For the love of all that's good and plenty, get some now!

But a word of caution, don't overload yourself. You'll be waiting for this and that person and ideas conflict and it becomes a hindrance as opposed to a help.

But do yourself a favor and build a community for yourself. Your own little writing gang that's always in your corner even when your words suck and you're ready to give up. They will lift you up and keep you going. They will keep you real and love you. They will push you until you succeed and then cry happy tears when you do.

And honestly, who wouldn't want that?

And here's a gret place to find the matches you've been looking for.
It's the brainchild birthed during PitchWars and it's here to stay. So go on, go find your gang, I mean team.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update on the Plan

So you know that brilliant plan i came up with? If not read about it here.

I'll wait.

Ok - now we're all up to speed.

I "won" Nanowrimo. As a matter of fact, I did it in a week and finished the MS a few days later clocking in at a bit over 60K, sent it to my Critique Partners (CP's) and have done the first revision. This did not have the reaction I thought it would from everyone.

My CP's and beta readers were like this:

(That part I hoped for!)

A lot of people were like this about my writing speed:

(That part I expected)

But what I didn't count on was this reaction:

I got a lot of hate for writing a book so quickly. It wasn't like I planned on doing it. I planned on doing 50K in a month and then struggling through the leftover words until finally one of my CP's bugged me enough that I sent it with the disclaimer "it sucks cause it's not really finished" tag on the end. You know, like this:

But the story just happened. It flowed. And soon it was written. I had three killer writing days and boom - it was done. I still don't understand the anger thrown my way. But apparently me finishing my book and finally finding a story that was easy to write will make others unable to write their story because I have ruined their self-esteem somehow during the process. But I guess:

So now I'm on to the revision of that book, SUGAR-COATED DECEIT and my Hemingway historical, THE KEYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART. And everything I've written anytime ever. To see how this is going refer to the cartoon at the computer above.
Also this:

And this:

But mostly this:

The good news is that I have the most amazing CP's ever and an amazing support system on Twitter, my Twitwits and Nanowrifi on FB, and my two biggest cheerleaders - my kids! Plus, I tried to enter a contest today and my soul twin Sarah Blair (@SarahLBlair) smacked my hand and set me back on the road to the plan. Rebekah Crane (@RebekahCrane) had to do this earlier this week too.

I need lots of reminding. And here's why.

I totally buckled and days after finishing Hemingway and my Nano book...I started something new. I know, I know. It's like I have a disease called The Writes.

Two somethings new actually. I couldn't help it! They were there, begging to get out of my head and on to the paper. But I put them away and went back to revision.

So The Plan is mostly intact.. so far. This month is for reading all the things in my inbox.

Unless I get excepted in #PitchWars, and then who knows?? No! The Plan.. right?

Yeah. The Plan.

So here's to hoping I can stick to it and do what needs to be done. Help and cheers and no hate would be greatly appreciated!

Much love, Ang